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Bob MacMillan, Bob Sirois. Gary Sargent. Jim Watson and Eric Vail. Defenceman Bob Dailey was the key man on the Philadelphia odd-man plays, drawing assists on all three power-play goals. Rick MacLeish and Dennis Ververgaert, scoring for the second time since since being obtained from the Canucks, got Flyers off to a start and they stayed ahead to mark up their 15th win in 19 games against a club w hich has never beaten them. But the goal that counted the most came midway through the second period. The 29th of the year for Trottier, it also turned out to be the winner.

He later added an assist to make it 68 points for the Islanders first 38 games and put himself two points ahead of Guy La fleur, who is three games closer to the end of the schedule. Flames, who came from to tie on two goals by rookie-centre Red Laurence, took It with a third period. The winning goal, breaking a tie. Rangers dominated the first two periods, holding a edge in shots on goal. But they couldn't put the Blues away. MacLeish 17 Wat son 2. Philadelphia, Ververgaert n Oailev. Clarke 3. Picard 10 Charron 4 Philadelphia. Stewart Wash Bridgman Pha 17 Watson Pha Rissting Wash Picard Wash Labre Wash 16 Third Period 7.

Shots on goat bv Philadelphia 7 6 Washington 13 19 Goat- Stephenson. Bourne 16 Kav zveki. NY Islanders, Marshall 1 Lorimer. Gillies NY islanders, Henning 7 West- fall. NY islanders, Bossv 34 Gillies. Trottier 8. Plett 4. Game time is 8 p. Wayne Proceviat. Bobby, Bobby.

Massachusetts Gov. Edward J.

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Pintos: Whyettes vs. Turtles, Victoria High: Rebels vs. Alley Cats. Lansdownc Junior High. Contributions were made by the league, players and coaches, tne Bruins, fans, and state and city officials. Mikhail Vamokov scored twice with Victor Khatulev and Alexander Skvortsov adding the other goals for the winners. Rick Middleton scored for the Bruins. Broncos blast Cougars 5 Atlanta. McAdam 5 Korab 8 34 7 Atlanta.

Snand aTi Second Peiod 4 MY Rangers. Hedberg 17 McEwen, Nilsson 5. NY Rangers, Duguav 1? St Louis, H Bennett C. Bennett fi NY Rangers. Louis 4 7 Ogai-Oavidson. NY Rangers; Myre. Louis Attendance—8. A1J Valdai's guards were sick In other games. Dan Barney, with 16 points, and John Kristiansen, with Steve Salt had 14 points for the losers, who got 10 from Virtce Tule. Dean St. Heather Boyd and Teresa Boyd scored 18 and 15 points respectively for the winners, who led 18 at the half. He leads the Cougars into Medicine Hat, for a crack against his old club, the Tigers. Shupe managed and coached the Hat team from through Broncos, playing their first season under the watchful eye of Ginnell.

Lethbridge, R. Ruff Sutter. Andresen Leer- mouth 4;0i " 3 Lethbridge. Sutter Williams 4. Lethbridge, Williams Sutter, R Rutf 8. Victoria, Pederson 20 Shields, T. Robertson 9 Lethbridge, Sutter Morrisdn, R. Rutt Sutter. Woite PenMtiet-T. Robertson V Shots on goal Victoria 17 13 18—48 Lethbridge 16 17 13 —46 -Am Barry Pederson, scoring at of the second period, was the only Cougar to come up with a goal.

Attendance - 2, Provincial Secretary Hugh Curtis announced Tuesday. Kelowna, Nanaimo, Vernon and Chilliwack have made bids to play host to the B. But they don't have to like it. It reads like so much more catcall fodder for the boo- birds. We see the Games as an opportunity to allow the other kids a chance to compete, those overlooked by the national teams. That adds up to 2, athletes. The rest of them come to town as the first convoy pulls out.

Yes, the facilities are there. Seating capacity is 5. But what about downhill skiing? Brandon, nestled in the middle of the prairie, has access to slopes. Hardly, says Pynn. Interpretation is by no means cut and dried. Some athletes originally destined for the Winter Games in Brandon Feb. Time will tell. But, in the meantime, the Games will go on.

Applicants must have experience in grinding, flotation and drying processes. Utah Mines Ltd.. Port Hardy. Island Copper Mine McCreary, approximately wise guys will keep jawing. By the same token, some deadlines are more flexible than others. All the names aren t in and some team trials are yet to take place. Not much should change this time, at least not too drastically. Despite a bit of sloth in rounding up our athletes, B.

So will Vancouver Island. And, because some teams are behind schedule, there may be just a few omissions. Blame the officials. She should be more than enough help. Also the lone Islander on a provincial squad, Mike Gieringer is one of the few second-time performers in the Games. This is the first year all- star teams have replaced area reps as provincial em- missaries to the Games. The company offers a competitive wage and benefits package including fully-paid insurance and medical plans and a shared dental plan. Utah Mines Ltd. VON 2P0. Guaranteed against defects In materials and workmanship.

Road Hazard insured. Mounted and balanced. Install new plugs 2. Install new rotor 3. Install new points and — condenser 4. Check plug wires 5. Check gas filtsr and P. Check air filter 7. Check distributor cap 8. Check hoses and belts 9. Test and clean battery and cables Price K Mart Reg.

Price 1. Cake Mixes Mrs. Scotch Treat. Choice Quality Margarine Moms Brand Flour Assorted Flavours i Oranges lb. Package 1 roll Bathroom Tissue Whit!!! Jumbo Yellow Onions Mob or Waskmgtoii. Fruit Yogurt Assorted. Celery California. Green Peppers Mexican.. Mushrooms B. Golden or Whit. Serving Suggestion imported Frozen Oven Roasts Loin Roasts Luncheon.

Safeway or Fletcher. Sliced Loaf Lucerne Brand. Assorted Flavors. Assorted Varieties. Fresh Coffee Assorted Sizes land Shades. Hills Brothers. Regular or Drip. Cloverleaf Tuna Chunky Light 6. Flaked White 6. Attach to an entry, a label or facsimile from one of the above products 2. Fill in your name, address and phone number. Regular or Thick. To recap briefly, the bulbs were to be planted shallowly, with their noses sticking through the soil surface, and after a good watering they were to be stored away in a cold, dark place, perhaps a root cellar or a very cool fruit cupboard.

With any luck, the pots na the ts should now be filled with roots ana there should be a few white root ends showing in the drainage hole in the bottom of the pot. Quite a bit of topgrowth should be showing, too — pale, blanched shoots emerging from the necks of the bulbs. It is time now to start the next stage in their treatment, bringing them into light and warmth. If you were to whisk your potted bulbs straight away from the cold darkness to an overheated room and bright sunshine, leaf growth would be lush but the flowers would be short-stemmed and stunted.

At no time, though, should your potted bulbs be subjected to really high temperatures. A good solution is a spare or unused bedroom where the door can be shut and the heat turned off, or a bright cellar window. When potted bulbs really get going, the daffs and narcissi can take just about all the water you care to give them. The tulips require quite a bit less, and the hyacinths the least.

Aim at maintaining the soil or planting mix only just evenly moist, never bone dry nor soggy wet. The development of good flowers can be encouraged at this point by giving a little plant food in water about once a week. Once the flowers are fully opened, the pot should, be moved back into the room and away from its sunny win dow. Schreiber is my man. He turned out to be a tall, lean, relaxed young fellow with dark hair and a dark beard, looking something like Kris Kirstofferson in The Sailor Who Fell from Grace with the Sea.

Papers and books were scattered about, suggesting work in progress. I noticed two cartons of cola in red cans and two large shopping sacks full of crushed empties. Schreiber said. I take grapefruit juice. We were, after all, just a couple of peanut butter freaks. He led the way to the hall in which he has put up his show on the brown pelican, that marvelous comedian and stunt flyer known to everyone who has ever hung around the coast.

The show is called The Eclectic Peli- cati , which I don't fully grasp, but it is mostly about the brown pelican, which I love. It's the first time an entire hall has been devoted to one bird. The lead bird creates a turbulence, or lift, on which the next bird rides, and so on back through the formation. What good are pelicans? It smelled great cooking. If they have to prove their value to human beings to be allowed to live, that may be the way. His bill will hold more than his belican.

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And as little privacy as sanitation. Slightly fewer than one million autos a year are stolen. We acquire full stomachs from ingesting empty calories. Once during the late Joe E. At the midnight show the same night at the Sands, Joe E. Made in Hollywood , were nostalgic. I told them none of the men suggested were right. I am certain he was not happy about the film.

January 10, 19 U. Knoetze is a former policeman. If this action in any way arises from Knoetze having shot and crippled a young black, then all I can say is that the American state department must have known all about that before they issued a visa to Kallie. Promoter Don King, too. He has quite a background. Thurs Fri. Of course Georg and Carole are being held over at Raven's lounge Their mellow guitars, sweet sparkling harmonies and wide range of popular favourites warms the heart of the coldest winter night. Drop down to Raven's lounge in Harbour Towers. We invite you to make reservations at Now open 10 a.

The only Disco with 3 different rooms and free attendant parking. Belgium Steel, Pouring Rain, Proofread. One Best: Outfielder. He was cited for his leadership in persuading the New York state legislature to reduce the parimutuel takeout at NYRA tracks from 17 per cent to The biggest surprise was at Charlton, where the Sec ond Division team was held to a tie by Maidstone, a team of part-timers from the regional Southern League and needed a late goal to force a replay.

Wimbledon, leaders of the Fourth Division, failed in its bid to upset Southampton, losing Short ly before the final whistle, two Charlton forwards were sent off when they came to blows after one of them was called offside. Simultaneous with the release of the above-noted announcement, the Commission issued Decision CRTC 78— approving an application by Multilingual Television Toronto Limited for a multilingual television station at Toronto. Quebec, the Western Regional office. Suite Suite , Victoria Place, Montreal.

Quebec and the Atlantic Regional office. Room , Barrington Tower. Simon, N Y. I SUN. AT and P. Occasional course language B. Fittings and seat not included. Thunderbird can supply you witb free installation advice. I Update your electrical system by installing this service package, complete with main breaker. Thunderbird's staff can help you to do-it-yourself. Come in and check out the savings on plumbing, electrical and heating values for your home.

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Prices In effect Jan. Complete with sauna rocks and controls. We reserve the right to limit quantities. The Seahawks beat them twice during the season. Nor Cleveland Patera Browns, battered Bradshaw, who led the American Conference in passing and the league in touchdowns with a career- high Jim Zorn, the left-handed quarterback of Seattle Seahawks. No other player received more than one vote. Terry's play and statistics speak for them selves. Both were outstanding. He is deserving of any award. Connors finally yielded. When I commit myself to a tournament I do so with the intention of playing seven days.

If I play three in a row, I am bushed by the time the next week comes up. I may be selfish, but I nave my pride to think of. Vilas and McEnroe, the big gest names in the game. A compromise was being sought. Connors, however, was so adamant that it seemed certain the council would be forced to surrender and offer a less restrictive plan. Eddie Dibbs. While Stock Lasts. Assorted Creme biscuits ,. With cheese. Now the holiday season is over, and a good deal of Christmas spirit has been scraped into the garbage can along with the remains of the Christmas tur key.

But there are still homeless children. Workers in the Victoria placement section of the provincial ministry of human resources are hoping there are people willing to open their homes on a year- round basis. There are nearly children in care in the Capital Region—some because their parents are dead or too ill to look after them, some because their. There are babies, and children with special needs. There are teenagers, and family groups of two or more.

In September, workers were required to find homes for 29 new children. There were two babies under nine months, and seven between the age of nine months and six years. The other six were in the 7- to year-old bracket. For a child up to five years of age. Every time a child has to be moved things are a little harder and the child suffers more damage. TO FRI. Shop now and save on baby toys, birthday presents and even Christmas gifts.

Come in early for best selection! The recipes for the dishes in the picture serve 12, and will double to serve The sauces just get better as leftovers, as flavors mellow and blend. Cook it al dente, or until it's tender, but still has some firmness when you bite a test strand. Also, oil helps keep the pasta from boiling over. Pasta dishes like these are great party food. At right , boil two kinds of pasta , then let guests top them with Spanish Pesto sauce , or sausage tomato sauce.

Round out menu with tray of antipasto that includes Caponata and crunchy breadsticks. In a colander, sprinkle eggplant with salt. Set aside to drain for 30 minutes. In a large skillet, heat 3 tablespoons oil over me dium heat. Remove from pan; add remaining oil and drained eggplant to pan. Serve chilled. Makes I cups. Simmer over low heat 3 hours. Bake sausages for 45 minutes, turning twice, until browned. Slice sausages diagonally in 1-inch slices. Add to sauce and simmer 1 hour longer. Serve over pasta. Puree to a smooth paste. Cook pasta; stir one-third cup of the cooking water into the pesto sauce.

Serve sauce with hot pasta.

V Limit 2 with Mri. Victoria, V8W 2N2. The talk deals with a journey by canoe, boat and foot along the West Coast. Your recent column on whether or not children should be paid an allowance for doing household chores prompted me to write. An allowance should be a teaching tool, kept separate from household chores. In this way he can appreciate the value of money in terms of his own effort.. Dear N. The Kid and Teen Market is big business. In my opinion, children don't need to learn how to spend money — they already know that.

They need to learn how to save and invest it. The rate of homosexuality is bound to skyrocket once it has been granted this kind of acceptance. Dear Ann Landers: Please print this letter. It might save another child from serious injury or possibly death. You had a young child in your lap. He was a darling little boy and seemed to be enjoying the ride.

But if you keep driving with him in your lap he may not live to drive his own car. The child was just about the same age as your son. The only injury was to the child. Take the time to get one and strap your child in it whenever he is riding in the car. Accept people at face value and stop looking for hidden meanings in every sentence.

A little faith and confidence can go a long way. Regular But she says she and her twin sister, Abigail Van Buren, have been good friends for years, despite persistent reports of feuding between them. Such turmoil makes for more business for Ann Landers, but for Mrs. Lederer, advice-seekers are nothing new. I think that they thought 1 was maybe a little more solid than some of the others because I never touched a cigarete, to this day and never had a drink. My mother, the same thing. Three years later she changed her mind, and she herself was later divorced after 36 years of marriage.

I have had it for M years, and have smoked moderately seven Or eight cigarettes a day. I asked my doctor, and his only comment was that it was bad for my lungs. Please comment. The reason is that, in some instances, the disease may be linked to blood vessel problems, and smoking never helped a blood vessel. And no question about the effect on your lungs — bad news. Dear Dr. I have been told it would not make any difference. Should I seek another opinion? It may not cure the plantar soie inflammation, but it will make living with it more pleasant.

The best course was unclear and. West led the eight of clubs and when dummy was spread. North said. I certainly have all my values. Next declarer ran four top spades and managed a smile when East followed suit each time. West cashed the two high diamonds and then produced a club and the defense scored a juicy points.

AP —- A year-old inventor claims to have developed a poultry feed supplement that cuts cholesterol levels in egg yolk by more than 30 per cent. The supplement is dozens of common and not-so-com- mon botanical species, mixed according to a special recipe. Dealer: West. Poor declarer. To go down in game is one thing.

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To be deceived by the opponents and berated by partner is -quite another. Some dummies should learn to never say a word. Decorative white trim. These items are available in selected stores only. Last year, the rapeseed crop covered 73,- hectares Virtually all rapeseed grown in B. I found this one spot—a grove of trees with houses on each side. Asked whether he wanted to fly again, he said: "All those years, I never scratched an airplane and never injured a passenger. Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Aldermen agreed to the hike Tuesday but were opposed to a suggestion by committee chairman Aid. Irene Block that the society be given a grant in lieu of taxes because taxes increased 18 per cent over and the assessed value had increased 20 per cent over last year.

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