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Now that you have. Based on the lines of your palm, know what the fate has in store for you.

Career – Job – Business Line In Palmistry

Read Palmistry. Speed Palmistry book is the most simple and easy guide for palmistry.

This will make you a good palmist in just a few hours. The language is easy to understand.

Marriage Line - Love Marriage Or Divorce | Indian Palmistry | INDIAN PALM READING - ASTROLOGY

Moore PDF. Palmistry means prediction of a person's future by studying the lines present on a palm, color of a palm and shape of hands. Palmistry is best option for person's. Share to. The Head Line provides information about your intellect and wisdom. If the line is curvy, you will have creative abilities and a spontaneous nature. A straighter line indicates your practical attitude towards the aspect of learning.

The journey you choose to embark upon in life can be predicted by studying the Life Line, which starts in between your index finger and thumb. If the line is straight forward, your journey will be a smooth one. On the contrary, a crooked line points out your low life expectancy and hurdles that you will encounter in the path of life. Next on the list is the Fate Line. Not each and every human being has this line engraved on their palms. The deep nature of this line suggests your dependency on destiny while its broken and shallow nature reveals the altering nature of your life.

The Fame Line indicates wealth, reputation in society and talent and runs parallel along the fate line. In case you wish to know more about your marital life and bliss, Marriage Lines are there to reveal it all.

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These are short in length and present horizontally underneath the little finger on the side. Multiple lines suggest multiple relationships, a fragmented line suggests troubled relationship, a forked one reveals separation whereas a deep line indicates strong and lasting relations. Vertical Lines revealing about Kids are present right beneath the little finger. These lines develop through Love or Marriage Lines. Intuition Line runs parallel to the Life Line, as it is an indication of deep insight on life. If it appears to be prominent, deeper and longer, than the native tends to possess a psychic ability.

It can be traced vertically below the ring finger. Breaks on that line indicate monetary losses, circles suggest surgeries and hospital stays, criss-crosses tell about possible accidents, forked line tells about chronic diseases and jagged one suggest multiple health troubles. These basic information with regards to Palmistry can help you mould your life in a better way.

Information about your married life also can be accessed with the help of Palmistry and you can find out your compatibility with your spouse. But it should be kept in mind that it is not necessary to become adherent to keep reading your palms in order to assess your character and future.


Palmistry has characteristics which are quite evaporative as it has the capacity to get altered by many factors. We hope that this article on Palmistry will prove to be beneficial for you. Remember Me. Sign In. Personalized Horoscope. Male Female.

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