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The Dalai Lama's most recent Mahadasa is Gemini Mithuna ; with both the Sun the ruler of the Karakamsha and the planet Mercury in it's own sign, accompanied by Ketu, aspected by Mars, Rahu, and Yamaganda, it is no wonder that Tibet has, since the time of commencement of the Gemini Mahadasa, become a cause celebre, championed by movie stars and rock performers.

The pada of the first house is Pisces, possessor of the benefic upagraha Yamaganda. As many are aware, the Dalai Lama is chosen through signs and the placement of the previous Dalai Lama's possessions in front of the child candidate. This placement of Yamaganda implies gifts at birth. And, one final point -- the placement of Venus and the Moon, two extraordinary benefics, are usually an indicator that the soul will attain heaven after death -- while awaiting the next reincarnation perhaps.

These two cases have illustrated, in a very basic fashion, how Jaimini principles can be used to illustrate spiritual tendencies in a chart.

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The two individuals chosen were selected mainly because they were well known -- there are many spiritual individuals in this world who are not and who will never be well known, because this is not their role to play. However, just the indicators shown in these brief analyses will, I hope, whet the appetites of others to examine spiritual tendencies through the use of Jaimini and Upagraha principles. Research is essential because so few reference texts are available.

With any luck, this is merely the start of this process, and we will expand our knowledge of Jaimini to the point that other dasas, and more sophisticated utilization of the padas and upagrahas, will prevail.

Most Amazing Jamini Lesson in Vedic Astrology (Education) Marc Boney

Santhanam and G. Rao, K. Sastri, P. Yogananda, Paramahansa. Autobiography of a Yogi. Some of my experiences are listed below: 1. This has to be seen from the nature of the planet which becomes the AK. For example, if Mars is AK and retrograde, then there is a very strong desire related to succeeding in some battle or competition in this planet and the native will be dragged into innumerable fights and will be fighting all the time.

Similarly, if Saturn is the retrograde AK then the desire would manifest in the native doing something related to the elders or old knowledge in new bottles.

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When retrograde, this desire is very strong and will be the cause of all direction in life. The other signification of Saturn is sorrow and if the native gives sorrow to others, especially elders and those who are like Guru, then know that he is running a bad time and a lot of sorrow is in his destiny in any case. The best remedy for him would be to develop a stoic attitude towards the acts and words of others and keep prodding in his path.

In this manner, the retrogression is to be understood. Combustion of AK gives spiritual insight. Narka experience and dwelling. Atmakaraka should not only be strong but also very supportive of the lagna and lagnesha. In this way, we get 7 Karakas. In Jaimini astrology, the calculation of degrees, minutes and seconds of all the planets should be done properly.

Write all the seven planets in the descending order based on their degrees and make a table. If the degrees and minutes of planets are equal then you should see the value of planet till seconds and decide the order of planets.

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The planet with highest degrees should be written on the top of the table. After that, the planet with lesser degrees should be written and similarly, all other planets should be arranged. The planet with highest degrees is called Atmakaraka. The planet after that is called Amatyakaraka. The planet with lesser degrees than Amatyakaraka is called Bhratrikaraka. The planet with lesser degrees than Bhratrikaraka is called Matrikaraka. The planet after Matrikaraka is called Putrakaraka. The planet with lesser degrees than Putrakaraka is called Gyatikaraka. The planet with lowest degrees is called Darakaraka.

In this Kundali, according to the degrees of planets, Karakas are as follows: Sundegreesminutesseconds Moondegreesminutesseconds Marsdegreesminutesseconds Mercurydegreesminutesseconds Jupiterdegreesminutesseconds Venusdegreesminutesseconds Saturndegreesminutesseconds On the basis of above-mentioned degrees, write the planets in the descending order. Therefore, we compared minutes of the two planets. The minutes of Mercury are greater than the minutes of Moon, therefore, Mercury becomes Gyatikaraka and Moon becomes Darakaraka.

Atmakaraka- Knowing the Souls Desire Thomas k Joseph What we desire and do not get, all this we find by going in within ourselves. For here indeed are the true desires within the covering of the false. Just as those who do not know the field, walk again and again over the treasure of gold and do not find it. In the same way most of us go into the world of Brahma and do not find it; for we are carried away by our false desires and fail to recognize the true ones even though they are hidden within. Chandogya Upanishad chapter 3: verse 2 Atma means the soul and karaka means significator.

According to the Vedic philosophy a soul is reborn because it has unfinished desires that were left unfulfilled in the previous lives and it is born again to get another opportunity to satisfy them. What are these desires? Will they be fulfilled or will you struggle with them? This revealed by the Atmakaraka planet. In my view the Atmakaraka is one of the most important planets in the natal chart. The natural Atmakaraka is the Sun in all charts. The Atmakaraka of this article is the chara Atmakaraka. Usually when we refer to the personal Atmakaraka, we mean the Chara Atmakaraka.

Chara means movable and one of eight planets Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Rahu can take over the mantle of Atmakaraka depending on its degrees in the natal chart. The planet that has the highest degree, ignoring the signs, is considered the chara Atmakaraka. However other retrograde planets are calculated in the usual way For e. If this degree is greater than of any other planet then Rahu Ketu will be considered the Atmakaraka. There is a disagreement regarding the use of Rahu as Atmakaraka. Some scholars only use 7 planets excluding Rahu, while others use 8, including Rahu.

Ketu as the significator of moksha does not form part of the scheme of chara karakas. For many years I used 7 karakas only but now I am convinced of the need to include Rahu in this scheme. As Rahu links so strongly to the past lives and unfulfilled desires. The Atmakaraka reflects the spirit within us. But its outer expression does not always appear to be spiritual. We can be taken in by the illusionary natures of the desires and think that the satiation of the worldly desires is all what the soul wants. But it is important to understand that the fulfillment of the worldly desires is part of the process of unveiling of the true soul.

The soul is treading the wheel of desire as the fulfillment of one set of material desires can create an everincreasing appetite for more and more. These desires never become fulfilled. The true desire of the soul is to get off this wheel and find self-realization, peace and eternal happiness. The struggle between the real and the false has to be understood. The false desires are those we search for in the outside world.

The true desires are satisfied from within. The basic struggle of the soul is to differentiate between the two and its inability to differentiate is the reason why it takes birth again and again. Atmakaraka planet personify these struggles but also shows the path through life lessons usually delivered during Atmakaraka dashas and bhuktis. Identifying with the materialistic goals is essential and we must not underrate these needs. The fact that the soul is born to earth shows that there is a worldly mission for the soul to complete before it is ready to understand the higher self.

Experiences teach us to look for our higher self.

There cannot be a fast track to moksha or selfrealization. So it is important to recognize and complete the material goal- both the pleasant and the unpleasant. Without that achievement, you cannot go into the inner world and find your personal treasure of happiness. Not all of us can find the ultimate realisation but we can get slowly enlightened. The truly revelation of the soul has to be a personal experience. Atmakaraka shows us the true desires of the soul, whether we recognize them or not depends on us.

The quality and strength of the Atmakaraka planet Saturn has the highest degrees, so it is the Atmakaraka for Prince William. The soul lesson of Saturn as an Atmakaraka is loneliness as well as facing harsh lesson of life. Things he may already be familiar with. The house where it is placed- for this you should evaluate both the Rasi chart and the Bhava charts. Dusthana 6th, 8th and 12th house placement is usually difficult. Saturn rules the 2nd and 3rd house. But this can be frustrating for him as he is part of the institution of monarchy where tradition and custom play an important part.

His personal freedom can be restricted. But Saturn also rules the dhana bhava, the 2nd house. So the family wealth and inheritance are also important to him. He may compromise one to gain the other. The aspects planetary and rashi and conjunctions — they can either aggravate or enhance the qualities.

Saturn is placed with Mars, the auspicious 5th house ruler, so this quality of Mars will enhance Saturn. But Mars and Saturn have an inherently difficult relationship so they will be a conflict as well. There are no planetary aspects, the rashi aspects are from Rahu, Ketu, Sun and Moon. Rahu Ketu show the karmic nature of his life and they can create turmoil within his soul. The turbulence of the soul is usually buried deep and not always outwardly visible so there is no way of evaluating them. Sun as the 9th house ruler is giving its divine blessing to the Atmakaraka and Moon as the 8th house ruler shows that this soul will learn about itself through death and transformation.

Karakamsha- the position of the Atmakaraka in the navamsha. Saturn is placed in Cancer navamsha; therefore the karakamsha is Cancer. Saturn in the 3rd in navamsha is a good position and Saturn is also aspected by the karakamsha lord Moon and the navamsha ascendant ruler Venus. The chart with Atmakaraka as the ascendant. The birth chart reflects the outer conditions of this birth; the Atmakaraka chart shows the obstructions and the support for the soul for fulfilling its duty. Atmakaraka is in Virgo and its lord Mercury is placed in the 9th house from it with the equally auspicious 9th lord, Venus.

Sun, Moon and Rahu are in the 10th; Jupiter is in the 2nd house. All these are positive and supporting the soul on its path. This loss would have made him closer to his soul and made him differentiate from the real and the unreal desires. The chart with karakamsha as ascendant. Cancer is the Karakamsha, so you turn the rasi chart with Cancer as the ascendant.

The ruler of the karakamsha ascendant Moon is placed in the 12th house from itself. This is a new Moon, so it is considered weak. On the positive side, the Atmakaraka Saturn is placed in an upachaya house 3rd from the Karakamsha lagna where it is strong. Venus and Mercury are in another upachaya 11th house and Jupiter in the 4th house, shows that despite all the problems; he could find inner peace and happiness.

But the karakamsha suggests that he can make mistakes where he creates his own losses. With Rahu in the 12th from karakamsha lagna in rasi, he should not allow his desires to overcome his otherwise strong and pragmatic self. The connections between the lagna lord and the Atmakaraka in the ascendant and navamsha. The lagna lord Jupiter is placed in the 11th house and Atmakaraka is in the 10th house. Because the lagna lord is placed in the 2nd house from the Atmakaraka, William would be able to profit from life lessons. But he may need to compromise. Maybe he can use the qualities of Saturn to bring about fresh changes in the.

The strength of Atmakaraka is to be analyzed in all the varga charts. The position of the Vargesh- the ruler of varga rising sign, Atmakaraka and the rasi lagna ruler. Both the lagna lord and the Atmakaraka are placed in the 12th house.

This appears at odds with the position of William as the heir apparent of the British monarchy. Therefore it suggests to me that the timing of his birth may not be precise. Lagna lord and Atmakaraka in the12th house in Dasamsha show the rejection of his future role as a Monarch. At present William is showing no sign of doing so, he appears remarkably well adjusted publicly at least to his future role. If you move his birth time behind by 4 minutes to p. Rahu Saturn and Jupiter come into the lagna of the dasamsha, adding strength to the Atmakaraka.

Only the future will tell whether Prince William will give up his royal duties or embrace them.

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Even the most perfect birth times like the one of Prince William can be subject to small mistakes. Atmakaraka position in the varga chart can also become a tool for rectification. Dashas and Bhuktis of the Atmakaraka planet can give profound experiences, they usually teach you a life lesson. Willliam was born in the Saturn bhukti of Rahu Dasha, indicating that the soul lessons started at birth. The two most import events of his life so far are directly connected to Saturn Bhukti in Jupiter Dasha.

The Atmakaraka Saturn gave its most important lessons to him in its Bhukti changing his perception of life forever. It is the King of the chart, and happy King shows happy kingdom and vice versa. Lagna is intelligence, while Chandra shows the mind. They are of secondary importance in comparison to Atmakaraka. Atma decides on the mind it will take, defines the body, structure and its functions, and thus it becomes the most important planet among all planets and Lagnas. Atmakaraka therefore, shows the karma which caused our birth.

This graha brought us into this plane, and forced Atma to take a certain mind and body. It brought us to this planet to teach us certain lessons. Significations and other features of Graha which is Atmakaraka 2. Bhavas ruled by Atmakaraka 3. Bhava where Atmakaraka is placed 4. The position and status of Atmakaraka in a rashi or sign 6. The position of planets and houses from Atmakaraka Lagna in Rashi chart. This lagna is known as Karaka Lagna 8.

Jaimini Astrology

This guna and Tatva will show the path and type of soul cleansing and its experience. Each graha and charakaraka tends to merge into Ketu, moksha karaka graha. As long as there is any type of bandana associated with Atmakaraka, a person cannot attain moksha. Thus, to reach moksha, Ketu has to turn atmakaraka graha into a smoke. There are other Jaimini texts which have emerged over the years including The Jaimini Upadesa Sutras written by Sanjay Rath, and published about two years ago and a recent translation in process by Ernst Wilhelm of the United States.

However, Mr. Rao's texts go the furthest in explaining how the Jaimini dasa systems work, and are still, in my opinion, the clearest exposition of Jaimini principles available in the West. The following are the major differences between Jaimini and "standard" Parasara astrology are: 1 The use of sign mahadasas Chara, Sthira and Shoola dasas are the best known, but there are approximately 44 mahadasas used in Jaimini astrology ; 2 The use of padas.

Padas are indicators in the signs. The best way to explain a pada is to illustrate it. Suppose we are looking for the marriage pada in a chart. The seventh house is the marriage house in a standard chart. Let us assume we have a Libra ascendant. Aries is the seventh house in this chart. The ruler of the seventh house is therefore Mars. Then let us assume that the Graha Mars is in the sign Capricorn. This sign is ten signs away from Aries.

We then count ten signs from Capricorn to get the pada for marriage matters. Thus, the sign Libra is the marriage indicator for this chart. Issues connected with marriage and partnerships in general will be reach fruition during the mahadasa or bhuktis of Libra. There are karakas in Parasara astrology, but these are based on certain "natural" karakas of the planets. For example, Venus is the natural karaka for marriage and Mars is the karaka for brothers. However, in Jaimini astrology, the Karakas can be any of the planets.

I choose to follow Mr. There are seven karakas which are judged in terms of the planet which is highest in degree to that which is lowest in degree, regardless of sign placement. The karakas are, in descending order,. Some authors, Parasara included, use 8 karakas. In the Jaimini Upadesa Sutras, both 7 and 8 karakas are mentioned, indicating to me that both must have some utility for interpretation. These karakas are of extreme importance in judging a chart, especially in terms of career potential and, especially, for judging spiritual potential, as indicated in both the Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra and the Jaimini Sutram.

Also, although this stance is not universally endorsed, it has also been my experience that the Jaimini karakas work especially well when we analyze the planetary mahadasas and the maturity of planets. I also believe that the natural Parasara planetary karakas also exert their influence on the Jaimini karakas. Vedic Astrologer Robert Koch has discussed the way in which Jaimini indicators can be used in Parasari settings in his excellent contribution to Richard Houck's compilation Vedic Astrology Lessons and the text Jataka Tattwa describes methods for using the moveable karakas in interpreting Parasari charts.

For this article however, we will limit this discussion to the use of the Jaimini Chara dasas, padas, and Jaimini Karakas as spiritual determinants in a chart. The major points that we will look at are some of the spiritual indicators in Jaimini that are mentioned in the Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra and in the Jaimini Sutram. There is another part of Jaimini Astrology which must be accounted for in analyzing charts for spiritual potential. The atma karaka planet in the highest degree in the chart will fall in a certain sign in the Navamsa harmonic ninth chart.

This sign in the Navamsa in which the Atma Karaka falls is extremely important. According to one school of thought, this sign assumes a special status called the Karakamsa. Rao has made a special study of this topic and feels that this sign should be moved to the natal chart, and there it becomes the Karakamsa. The Navamsa position of the atmakaraka then becomes an entity called a Swamsa chart.

This is not so insignificant a matter as it seems at first. The BPHS and Jaimini Sutram indicate that certain planets in certain positions from the Karakamsa will produce specific spiritual effects and affiliations, and the placement of planets from the Swamsa and the Karakamsa will often differ dramatically, so certain spiritual combinations which show in the Navamsa chart will not appear in the natal chart, and vice versa. For the analysis of spiritual potential in the chart, a choice must be made. We do need to make a choice, if only to determine a starting place. Before my encounters with Mr.

Rao, I had relatively good results in delineating spiritual preferences when using the Navamsa chart as the location of the Karakamsa. However, closer examination of certain charts of individuals who had never been known for spiritual tendencies showed that certain indications which were supposed to follow by the placement of the Atma Karaka in certain signs made me reevaluate my position, and led me closer to the position adopted by Mr.

The placement of the Atma Karaka in the sign Pisces, for example, did not necessarily "grant final emancipation" or produce spiritual individuals. In many cases, it will be found that sage Jaimini had dispensed with cumbersome calculations, and instead had offered some simple yet very useful methods. World first detailed software on Jamini Principal which have More than 30 types of Lagnas calculation, Almost 20 types of Dasha system with all the available variations, Jaimini Yogas, Dasha Analysis and predictions.

The amount of content and the depth of details provided in this app is incomparable with any app in the entire android marketplace. If there is problem, there is solution too. It comprises gems and rudraksha recommendation from various point of view, remedies from Vedic astrology and Lal Kitab, recommendation for planets with Yantra, Mantra, Hawan, Bath, Donation etc.

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